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Health Canada, FDA, UKCA, & CE Registered Class 1 Medical Device


Quickly and Effectively Repair Medical Surfaces with CleanPatch® to Protect Patients and Healthcare Workers from Hidden Pathogens

  • Validated by independent Infection Prevention Professionals
  • Durable and impervious to fluids under rigorous conditions
  • Compatible with over 95% of soft surfaces found in healthcare facilities
Safe &
  • Early intervention reduces the risk of cross contamination from damaged mattresses
  • Made from latex-free, biocompatible materials
  • Simple Peel-and-Stick Technology — applies in seconds
  • Extends life of medical equipment
  • Proactively enhances environmental hygiene practices and protects patient safety
  • Significant savings from equipment repair versus replacement

After a hospital survey, and very costly mattress and positioning device replacement, I was very excited to find CleanPatch. They are very easy to apply and seem to hold up well. Use of patches is an extremely cost-effective way to manage tears and holes. This also decreased the contribution to landfills.

BSN, RN, CNORPerioperative Educator

We placed one of the 2’’ round patches on the CT scanner mattress to cover a ‘pen/pencil’ sized hole. It was imperative that the patch hold up, as the section in question on the mattress will always pass through the CT gantry and be in the scan range for the majority of the images. The great news is that the patch does not show on images. Also, this mattress is wiped down with Oxiver wipes more than 100 times per 8 hour shift. This CT machine is currently operating 24 hours/day… A great investment, considering a new CT mattress is over $4,500!!!

Manager – CT, General & Interventional Radiology, Mammography. Diagnostic ImagingThunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center

I pulled aside damaged mattresses that could be repaired with CleanPatch. Once I received approval from IP&C, I was able to repair 20 mattresses and return them to service for a cost-savings of over $6,000!

Portering SupervisorA Leading Canadian Hospital
Indicated For:

  • Foam Mattresses
  • Low Air Loss Mattresses
  • Stretchers
  • Other Polyurethane or Coated Surfaces
Indicated For:

  • Patient Gel Positioners
  • Patient Gel Pads
Indicated For:

  • Exam Tables
  • Rehabilitation Equipment
  • Geriatric Chairs and Wheelchairs
  • Clinical Furniture
  • Other Vinyl Surfaces

15 Countries

CleanPatch® is sold in over 15 countries on 5 continents.

3000 Facilities

CleanPatch® has been used in over 3000 facilities worldwide.

8+ Years

CleanPatch® has now been in the market for over 8 years.