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December 12, 2022 – Surface Medical Inc. is delighted to announce its partnership with TRH Services to provide patient surface repair across Canada.

Surface Medical Inc. has partnered with TRH Services to offer Canadian healthcare facilities greater access to surface repair. The CleanPatch product line will enable TRH technologists to restore damaged surfaces such as torn hospital mattress covers, stretchers, and other clinical equipment. Mike Sullivan, Business Development Manager at TRH, commented, “We look forward to incorporating surface repair into our service offerings.”

Surface Medical Inc.’s President/CEO, Iwain Lam, added, “It’s exciting to see the expansion of surface repair efforts right here in Canada. Hospital mattresses are a critical piece of the patient environment, and mattress covers must be intact to be safe for patients. The CleanPatch product line is designed to repair these and other important treatment surfaces. By adding surface repair to their portfolio, TRH Services will ensure these surfaces are ready for use.

Founded in 1996, TRH Services is a healthcare service provider based in Ontario that provides preventative maintenance, repair, and emergency services across Canada. In 2007, the company was licensed by Health Canada to distribute medical devices. TRH Services aims to help clients find efficient, cost-effective solutions for their medical equipment needs. The company has eleven biomedical technologists who apply their expertise to provide quality service and repair for healthcare facilities Canada-wide.

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Surface Medical Inc. (“SMI”) is a Canadian medical device company solving problems in healthcare with simple solutions. By focusing on the importance of surface integrity in infection prevention, the company develops and commercializes soft surface repair products that save money, reduce infection risks, and minimize environmental waste. SMI is recognized for its innovative products and its contribution to patient safety and sustainable healthcare. In numerous health regions, its products have been implemented as the standard of care for soft surface repair.