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The CleanPatch® Publications and Case Studies

CleanPatch® Publications

MedTech Outlook

Protection from Virus and Pathogens

Enhancing Infection Control with a Surface Repair Patch.  While the outbreak of the novel coronavirus has created an unprecedented situation around the world, it has also starkly highlighted the importance of cleanliness, hygiene, proper sanitation to avoid the transmission of virus and pathogens. More than ever, it is important now to ensure that hygiene practices in healthcare institutions are ideal.

– September 2020

Health Europa

Protecting One Patch at a Time

Despite the presence of infection prevention and control programmes which have been in place since the 1950s, and hand hygiene protocols which been in place for over 100 years, healthcare- associated infections (HAIs) – infections patients acquire when receiving treatment for other conditions – continue to be a widespread and costly issue for healthcare systems.

– August 2020

Canadian Journal of Infection Control

Integrity Equals Safety

Uncovering the rates of damaged patient bed and stretcher mattresses in Canadian acute care hospitals.

Cleaning and disinfecting patient care areas is essential to preventing healthcare-acquired infections. In addition, all furnishings and equipment, such as mattresses, should be regularly inspected to ensure they are safe and properly maintained. Damaged surfaces cannot be properly cleaned and pose a safety risk by harbouring and transmitting pathogens.

– Fall 2018

Canadian Journal of Infection Control

Amazing Cost Savings

Comparison of terminal cleaning of a medical surface repair patch on hospital mattresses.

The spread of healthcare-acquired infections (HAI) is of serious concern; annually in Canada, there are an estimated 220,000 HAI and approximately 8,000 deaths are attributed to these infections. A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated the annual direct cost of HAI in the United States to be between $35.7 to $45 billion.

– Fall 2015

CleanPatch® Case Studies

Cost Savings

From Mattress Repair

A leading Canadian Health Region realizes significant cost savings from the use of CleanPatch® while improving the integrity and safety of patient mattresses.

– February 2016

Catch the Damage

Inspection and Repair

How implementing a Mattress Inspection and Repair Program at a new hospital reinforces a strong culture of patient safety and provides significant capital savings.

– September 2017

Leading Canadian Hospital

Enhance Patient Safety

A leading Canadian hospital implements a soft surface inspection and repair process with CleanPatch® to enhance patient safety, while saving money.

– July 2014

Surgical Management Professionals

Validates Durability

Surgical Management Professionals (SMP), a leading surgery centre management company, validates the durability and cost saving potential of CleanPatch® in ambulatory surgical centres.

– February 2016


Reduce The Risk of Infections

St. Amant implements a Mattress Inspection and Repair program with CleanPatch® to extend the life of its bath stretcher mattresses while reducing the risk of Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) infections.

– June 2016

American Health Care

Safety and Savings

A leading American Health System implements a Mattress Inspection and Repair Program with CleanPatch® to enhance patient safety while saving money.

– July 2015

CleanPatch-V® Case Studies

Microbial Growth Study

Before and After Cleaning

Microbial Growth Study: Determining the microbial growth property of CleanPatch®-V edge and surface before and after cleaning.

– May 2018

Clinical Validation Study

Repair Vinyl Surfaces

Clinical Validation Study: Determining the durability of CleanPatch®-V for repairing vinyl surfaces in a hospital setting.

– May 2018

American Health Care

Safety and Savings

Wheelchair Cushion Fatigue Study: Determining the long-term durability of  CleanPatch®-V in repairing various wheelchair cushions.

– May 2018