The CleanPatch® CaseCase StudiesStudies

Cost Savings

from Mattress Repair

A leading Canadian Health Region realizes significant cost savings from the use of CleanPatch® while improving the integrity and safety of patient mattresses.

– February 2016

Catch the Damage

Inspection and Repair

How implementing a Mattress Inspection and Repair Program at a new hospital reinforces a strong culture of patient safety and provides significant capital savings.

– September 2017

Leading Canadian Hospital

Enhance Patient Safety

A leading Canadian hospital implements a soft surface inspection and repair process with CleanPatch® to enhance patient safety, while saving money.

– July 2014

Surgical Management Professionals

Validates Durability

Surgical Management Professionals (SMP), a leading surgery centre management company, validates the durability and cost saving potential of CleanPatch® in ambulatory surgical centres.

– February 2016

St. Amant

Reduce The Risk of Infections

St. Amant implements a Mattress Inspection and Repair program with CleanPatch® to extend the life of its bath stretcher mattresses while reducing the risk of Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) infections.

– June 2016

American Health Care

Safety and Savings

A leading American Health System implements a Mattress Inspection and Repair Program with CleanPatch® to enhance patient safety while saving money.

– July 2015

CleanPatch®-V CaseCase StudiesStudies

Microbial Growth Study

Before and After Cleaning

Microbial Growth Study: Determining the microbial growth property of CleanPatch®-V edge and surface before and after cleaning.

– May 2018

Clinical Validation Study

Repair Vinyl Surfaces

Clinical Validation Study: Determining the durability of CleanPatch®-V for repairing vinyl surfaces in a hospital setting.

– May 2018

American Health Care

Safety and Savings

Wheelchair Cushion Fatigue Study: Determining the long-term durability of  CleanPatch®-V in repairing various wheelchair cushions.

– May 2018

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