CleanPatch® VideosVideos

CleanPatch® Application

See how easy it is to apply CleanPatch® to a damaged mattress.

CleanPatch® Implementation – Mattress Repair

See how to inspect and repair a damaged mattress with CleanPatch®.

CleanPatch®-V – Animated Video

See how to CleanPatch-V works to repair any vinyl surface.

Nurse Minute Podcast

Infection Prevention for Patient Mattress

CleanPatch® versusversus TapeTape VideosVideos

Test #1 – Disinfectant

See how CleanPatch® stands up to rigorous cleaning with disinfectant compared to tape.

Test #2 – Fluid

See how CleanPatch® prevents any fluid ingress to a mattress versus tape.

Test #3 – Contamination

See how CleanPatch® compares to tape during a simulated contamination.

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