A damaged treatment surface cannot be cleaned no matter what type of disinfectant you use. When a mattress cover is compromised by a puncture or tear, the damage site can harbour pathogens that may be passed on to other patients or staff. By including CleanPatch® in your COVID-19 response and environmental hygiene protocols, your equipment is ready for the next patient.


Enhance Patient and Worker Safety

Protect your patients and workers from possible pathogenic cross contamination. Use CleanPatch® to prevent fluid ingress and to ensure equipment can be properly disinfected prior to handling or patient use.


Keep Hospital Beds in Service

Repair damaged equipment quickly and easily to minimize equipment downtime. A quick and effective repair is especially important when beds are in high demand.


Cost savings

The cost to repair damaged equipment is a fraction of the cost of replacement, and these savings are especially important in light of the sharp rise in demand for vital PPE and cleaning agents.

Learn how CleanPatch® can be used in your facility today!

Our COVID-19COVID-19 Response

The growing concern around COVID-19 has everyone feeling uneasy, especially as we face rapidly changing policies that affect our daily lives. With this unprecedented situation in mind, we would like to reassure you that the CleanPatch product line is designed to help protect patient safety by combating the spread of infection in healthcare facilities. This unique product allows you to repair damaged mattresses in the patient room so the mattress surface can be properly disinfected.

As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak with everyone’s safety in mind, we are taking every precaution to prevent the spread of infectious disease in our workplace. We are committed to the health of our employees and our partners, and we have implemented enhanced safety measures to protect our communities.

StepsSteps TakenTaken in Response

The steps we have taken include:

  • Enhanced sanitation and hygiene measures with routine cleaning of hard surfaces
  • Observing guidance from the Federal Government, CDC, WHO and local health authorities
  • Restricted air travel and our staff is encouraged to collaborate over the phone or via online platforms

We do not anticipate disruption to the production or delivery of CleanPatch products. CleanPatch is manufactured in Canada and our distribution centres are operating normally. Our raw materials are derived from countries that are not considered COVID-19 epicentres so, rest assured, we do not foresee any disruption to production at this time.

In this time of extraordinary circumstances, we thank you for your trust. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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