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June 14th, 2022 – Surface Medical Inc. is excited to introduce their latest partnership with MERCO Biomedical to provide vinyl and soft surface repair to healthcare facilities in Virginia Beach.

MERCO Biomedical is expanding its services by partnering with Surface Medical Inc. to employ CleanPatch-V in soft surface repair. CleanPatch-V will allow MERCO Biomedical to repair damaged vinyl equipment such as exam tables, rehabilitation equipment, and wheelchairs quickly and effectively, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming reupholstery services.

Surface Medical Inc.’s President/CEO, Iwain Lam, commented, “We are always excited to see affordable repair initiatives being implemented in the medical equipment industry. We are enthusiastic about our partnership with MERCO Biomedical and are looking forward to having service provider coverage in Virginia.”


MERCO Biomedical is a Virginia-based company founded in 1978 that specializes in medical and lab equipment repairs, services, inspections, and sales. MERCO Biomedical is constantly growing its expertise to stay current with evolving scientific practices. They have grown their expertise to service a wide range of customers, including hospitals, zoos, laboratories, and many more. Their AAMI-certified technicians perform equipment calibrations, repairs, and inspections, including specialized OEM quality inspections in radiology and anesthesia. Their efforts have led them to be one of the leading ISOs in the southeastern United States as they continue to grow throughout the rest of America.

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Surface Medical Inc. (“SMI”) is a Canadian medical device company solving problems in healthcare with simple solutions. By focusing on the importance of surface integrity in infection prevention, the company develops and commercializes soft surface repair products that save money, reduce infection risks, and minimize environmental waste. SMI is recognized for its innovative products and its contribution to patient safety and sustainable healthcare. In numerous health regions, its products have been implemented as the standard of care for soft surface repair.