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August 22nd, 2022 – Surface Medical Inc. is pleased to announce that it has partnered with ELKOBA Service GmbH to provide surface repair to healthcare facilities in Germany. ELKOBA is expanding its customer service offerings to include soft surface repair with CleanPatch, and CleanPatch product lines are now available for purchase on ELKOBA’s website.

By adding soft surface repair to its list of services, ELKOBA reinforces one of its core objectives which is to extend the service life of customer equipment with safe, cost-effective solutions. CleanPatch products enable ELKOBA to repair damaged surfaces quickly and effectively such as hospital mattress covers, vinyl exam tables, and surgical patient positioners.

Surface Medical President, Iwain Lam, commented, “It is exciting to see CleanPatch extend its reach in Europe by entering the German market for the first time. We look forward to working with ELKOBA, and we feel fortunate to work with such a well-established service provider.”

ELKOBA Service GmbH is a German healthcare distributor and service provider. When the company formed in 2007, ELKOBA’s focus was on electronic equipment repair, but it quickly expanded its services to include the repair of damaged medical equipment. ELKOBA works closely with customers to build sustainable solutions that ensure the safety and longevity of their equipment, and it carries a wide range of parts to ensure customers have what they need to operate smoothly. With an emphasis on safety, ELKOBA aims to find cost-effective solutions to ensure medical equipment remains in optimal condition.

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Surface Medical Inc. (“SMI”) is a Canadian medical device company solving problems in healthcare with simple solutions. By focusing on the importance of surface integrity in infection prevention, the company develops and commercializes soft surface repair products that save money, reduce infection risks, and minimize environmental waste. SMI is recognized for its innovative products and its contribution to patient safety and sustainable healthcare. In numerous health regions, its products have been implemented as the standard of care for soft surface repair.